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/ Blepharoplasty

Eyelid surgery is currently one of the most commonly performed by plastic surgeons, only in the United States in 2014 were reported 206 thousand surgeries being among the first 5 and this is because it is one of the procedures that provides of greater facial rejuvenation.


In addition to aesthetically improving the area around the eye, it also provides an option for functional restoration and symmetry in case of congenital, post-traumatic or age-related problems.

The principles of a blepharoplasty are:

  1. Control of periocular aesthetics.

  2. Restoration of tone and position of the eyelids and their vertices.

  3. Remove the tissue that is really in excess whether it is skin, muscle or fat.

  4. Correction of functional problems such as drooping of the eyelid or previous injuries.

  5. Achieve a rejuvenation of the upper third of your face including cheekbones, eyebrows and wrinkles and / or depressions around the eye.

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