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Chin Reduction

/ Chin Reduction

The double chin is the colloquial way to call the accumulation of fat that forms under the jaw. One of the most used techniques for the extraction of fat from this area is liposuction, introducing a small cannula through an incision, leaving a virtually invisible mark.


The jowl surgery is carried out with local anesthesia in an approximate time of 30 minutes, allowing to return home the same day. Your recovery is relatively fast since in 4 or 5 days you can return to the usual routine.

Expected results and risks

The results are immediate, but the best ones are appreciated after the first month. Among the side effects, swelling and bruising may appear, although these disappear after several days.

The intervention

The doctor makes small incisions under the chin or behind the earlobe. Through them, localized fat is aspirated with the help of a cannula, reducing the patient's double chin.

Care after the intervention

The surgeon recommends the use of an elastic band to compress the affected area. Likewise, attention must be paid to wound care to prevent infection or poor healing.

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