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/ Otoplasty

Otoplasty is a surgical technique that allows modifying the altered auricular pavilions, and achieving a natural appearance. There are a variety of different techniques used to perform the Otoplasty and for the care after the surgery.


The deformities of the ear are resolved; These can be very varied from the total absence of the ear (microtia) to simply a very remarkable projection of the same by the absence of antehelix or helix.


The most frequent otoplasty is the operation of detached ears (separate, prominent, protruding, in loop).


This surgical procedure does not improve the patient's hearing, but their self-esteem. In cases of microtia it is sometimes necessary to reconstruct it, plastic surgery offers many alternatives, one of them is the Brent technique that consists of four surgical times and reconstructs the ear in a period of 2 years after a great job surgical and artisanal.


There are other techniques that have offered their reconstruction in a single surgical time without the same results. In less severe cases it is possible to reconstruct the ear using the same principles that Brent uses to reconstruct microtia with excellent results.

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