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/ Bichectomy
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When a face looks very wide or round, this may be due to fat accumulation on the cheeks.


The Bichat fat bag is an accumulation of fat located between the masseter muscle and the buccinator muscle, on both sides of the face.


These two muscles that allow chewing movements need a lubricating fat pad that is the Bichat bag. Although all people have them, in some cases these fatty cushions develop exaggeratedly resulting in a face too round and bulky. It is then necessary to perform a thinning by reducing the Bichat bags. The volume of this fat is not necessarily related to body weight, and that is why many thin people can have a thick and extended face that does not correspond to their body weight.


Facial thinning by resecting Bichat bags reduces the volume of the cheeks providing an aspect of greater character, freshness and naturalness.

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