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Buttocks Augmentation

/ Buttocks Augmentation

AnestesiaThere are two types of anesthesia that can be administered, the first is neuraxial block and sedation and the second is general anesthesia. The best option will be discussed with you in order to offer the best possible comfort with the minimum risk.


The most appropriate technique will be chosen according to your goals and surgical indications, mainly based on

  1. Shape and size of your buttocks

  2. The amount of fat available in your body for use in liposuction

  3. Quality and elasticity of the skin

Gluteal increase with fat grafting or Brazilian Butt Lift


Step 1: LiposuctionThe liposuction procedure is performed first, in which, through very small incisions, it infiltrates all the areas to be treated with tumescent solution, which helps to minimize trauma and helps with analgesia. Afterwards, an aspiration of the fatty tissue in the areas is performed. problem with steel cannulas.

Step 2: Fat injectionThe collected liposuction is processed and prepared as a graft, it is introduced sterilely into special syringes with cannulas through which it is introduced into the gluteal area.


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