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Lipofilling (fat transfer)


Lipofilling, also known as free fat transfer or fat grafting, is a procedure to fill in areas with your own body fat instead of using a chemical filler or an implant. This is a highly efficient procedure since it is not very invasive and produces natural results. About 60% of the fat stays forever. Lipofilling often gives the final touch to your facial feminization surgery.


The fat used to transfer fat can be removed from any part of your body, such as the abdomen or thighs, by liposuction, and injected when necessary. This cosmetic procedure can be used to rejuvenate the face, increase the cheeks or lips, or correct problems such as lack of life around the eyes or scars.

Cheek augmentation (implants or lipofilling)

High cheekbones are seen as a sign of beauty. Just look at women like Angelina Jolie and Kate Moss. As women tend to have cheeks fuller than men, they are seen as a sign of femininity.


They radiate health and youth, as you can see in these photos.


There are two ways to perform a cheek augmentation: fat graft (where fat is removed from another part of your body, usually the abdomen, thighs or hips) or implants (if you do not have enough fat).

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