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Breast Lifting

Breast Lifting

Immediate postoperative

You will find a bandage over your surgical area which will be constantly monitored by the nursing staff, it is normal to have mild to moderate pain which is controlled with medication.

Prior to your discharge, bandage and dressing removal, healing and replacement of gauze will be performed and a stabilizing post-surgical brassiere will be placed for your safety and comfort.

1st week after the first postoperative appointment is made, sutures will be removed if present, usually already in a better condition but it is recommended 10 to 14 days of rest before returning to work activities.

2nd week usually at its end it is already able to resume its work activities but limited to minimal efforts, no movements of arms over the shoulder, the bust wounds are totally closed in general although slightly sensitive.

3rd and 4th week with a satisfactory recovery for daily domestic activities and slowly progressive gym. The bust wound is more mature in the process of decreasing the scar itself.

The scars are usually lost within the same natural lines and folds of the bust but in certain cases they will be visible on the surface, they are permanent but in most cases these fade and improve over time.


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