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Breast Augmentation

/Breast Augmentation
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To prepare for your surgery and subsequent recovery you will have a comprehensive assessment, you will be asked for your complete medical history and a physical examination of preference will be made within 30 days prior to your procedure.

This appointment is scheduled at the facilities of the Premier Medical Center. Each patient undergoes different studies and assessments depending on their clinical history, the type of surgery and the needs or postoperative indications.

In this appointment you will be explained in what the surgery consists of, all your doubts will be answered, as well as the risks and benefits of it and you will be given a series of instructions to prepare you for your operation.

In certain cases a new consultation will be requested to review studies, interconsultations and finish explaining doubts or final details.

Please bring the following information to your presurgical appointment if available:


  1. Family member or friend who will be with you the day of your surgery

  2. Any study of the heart that has been done to you (EKG electrocardiography, stress test)

  3. List of medications and supplements you are currently taking.

  4. Any lung study that has been done (chest X-ray).


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