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/ Liposuction

Immediate postoperative

You will find a bandage over your surgical area which will be constantly monitored by the nursing staff, it is normal to have mild to moderate pain which is controlled with medication. The antithrombotic protection measures are continued.

Prior to your discharge, bandage and dressing removal, healing and dressing of gauze will be performed and a postoperative girdle will be placed for your safety and comfort.

  • 1st week after the first postoperative appointment is made, sutures will be removed if present, you will continue with areas of bruising or bruising, moderate pain at least controlled with analgesics without problems, it is recommended to initiate lymphatic drainage massage sessions. Usually you can return to office-type work activities, but it is still recommended two more weeks to abstain from the gym.

  • 2nd week, usually in better general conditions, and with a 70% decrease in your bruises, although they remain slightly sensitive, edema and inflammation have substantially subsided.

  • 3rd and 4th week with a satisfactory recovery for daily domestic activities and light gym. The bruises almost absent in their entirety. The scars are usually lost within the same natural lines and folds, these are permanent but in most cases these fade and improve over time.

  • 6 months with complete resolution of the inflammation and edema and with the final results almost apparent although if you continue with an appropriate lifestyle accompanied by diet and exercise the improvement is even more evident.


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