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/ Liposuction

Prior to your surgery, a mark of the sites of interest will be made in your hospitalization room, in complete privacy and with the confidence of being able to discuss again and review the best plan for your surgery. The marks are in the areas of liposculpture and the others of the incision that are usually in minimally visible areas and do not exceed 3 to 4 mm.

The appropriate antithrombotic safety measures are taken, such as the use of graduated compression stockings and an intermittent compression pneumatic pump.


The best option will be taken by your surgeon in conjunction with your anesthesiologist taking into account health factors, surgery time, patient position.


A solution designed to reduce bleeding and facilitate the aspiration of fatty tissue with the least possible trauma will infiltrate the marked areas through the incision.


Steel cannulae will be introduced which by means of a syringe or machine aspiration will remove the fatty tissue, at this moment it is decided whether it is collected for later use or it is discarded.

It is usually admitted to hospitalization 24 hours after your surgery for better analgesic control and keep a close watch therefore you are recommended to have your suitcase ready with clothes and personal items along with a companion to assist you.

Only you will be granted discharge until you are in a stable condition and with a favorable recovery, your discharge will be given the following:


  • Detailed instructions of your care in your home

  • Recipe with oral medications for your needs.

  • Contact number for any questions.


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