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Aumento de Senos



It is usually performed on an outpatient basis, which means that your surgery will be done during the morning and you will be monitored during the day for a few hours, even so you are recommended to have your suitcase ready with clothes and personal items along with an escort to assist you on the way back to your home.


Only you will be granted discharge until you are in a stable condition and with a favorable recovery, your discharge will be given the following:

  1. Detailed instructions of your care at home.

  2. Measurements of dressing change and wound healing.

  3. Recipe with oral medications for your needs.

  4. Contact number for any questions.

  5. The date of the next appointment for assessment with your surgeon.

Immediate postoperative

You will find a special nasal splint that will help stabilize the new shape of your nose, depending on the case, an internal nasal splint will be placed if more structures were manipulated.


Your nose will be moderately inflamed the first weeks but the recovery will progress and it will not be until about 6 months that you will be able to appreciate the final results.

  • Week 1 the first postoperative appointment is made, sutures and the nasal splint will be removed. pain at the minimum controlled with analgesics without problems.

  • Week 2 usually in better general conditions, the edema and inflammation have yielded substantially.

  • 3rd and 4th week with a satisfactory recovery for daily domestic activities and gym but progressively. The scars usually start to get lost.

  • 6 months can start their normal activities including gym.


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