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/Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck


Prior to your surgery, a mark of the sites of interest will be made in your hospitalization room, in complete privacy and with the confidence of being able to discuss again and review the best plan for your surgery. The marks are of the incision that is usually in the line of the bikini taking into account your pubis and its shape, also if you want it is accompanied by liposuction to highlight even more the body restoration.

The appropriate antithrombotic safety measures are taken, such as the use of graduated compression stockings and an intermittent compression pneumatic pump.

AnesthesiaThe best option will be taken by your surgeon in conjunction with your anesthesiologist taking into account health factors, surgery time, patient position.


It is done in the previously marked line, this can vary depending on the goals to be met and the current anatomy problems such as excess skin, usually in the bikini line.


Subsequently, according to the technique, the navel is released from the skin and the skin is then lifted to its full thickness exposing the muscles ready for repair.

The whole skin is pulled together and the excess is removed, a new navel is created and sutured in place, drains are placed and the rest of the skin is sutured. Plaques and sterile bandages are placed.


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