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/ Facelift


There are two types of anesthesia that can be administered, the first is local anesthesia with sedation and the second is general anesthesia. The best option will be discussed with you in order to offer the best possible comfort with the minimum risk.


Depending on the objectives to be achieved, the incision will be drawn according to the anatomical area to be addressed, the best option is to do it in the natural folds of the curvature of your ear, between your temple hair and if necessary to the back of your head. ear, to make it as inconspicuous or less obvious as possible. In this way it is possible to approach the tissues and be able to reposition in a younger position, from the skin, muscle and fat, in case of neck approach the incision is made under the chin.



Wound closure

The wounds are closed with sutures usually not absorbable.


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