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/ Facelift

Usually hospitalization is required, usually 24 hours of surveillance and postoperative care are needed, so it is recommended to have your suitcase ready with clothes and personal items along with a companion to assist you on the way back to your home.


Only you will be granted discharge until you are in a stable condition and with a favorable recovery, your discharge will be given the following:

  1. Detailed instructions of your care at home.

  2. Measurements of dressing change and wound healing.

  3. Recipe with oral medications for your needs.

  4. Contact number for any questions.

  5. The date of the next appointment for assessment with your surgeon.

  6. Immediate postoperative


You will find some adhesive tapes holding your sutures around your ears and with the presence of silicone drainage tubes on each side behind them. It is normal to have moderate inflammation and the presence of ecchymosis or bruising and some difficulty opening the eyelids, which is normal for the first 48 hours.

  • 1st week after the first postoperative appointment is made, most of the sutures will be removed, still with areas of ecchymosis or bruising, moderate pain at least controlled with analgesics without problems. It is not yet possible to start work activities in general and the routine of the gym is contraindicated.

  • 2nd week, usually in much better general conditions, edema and inflammation have yielded substantially, labor reincorporation is achieved if they are light office-type activities although even with the presence of mild ecchymosis, strenuous activities or heavy lifting are still not recommended.

  • 3rd and 4th week with a satisfactory recovery for daily domestic activities. Bruises almost absent in their entirety. The scars usually begin to be lost, they are permanent but in most cases these fade and improve over time.

  • 6 months with complete resolution of the inflammation and edema and with the final results already apparent, already performing their normal activities including gym.


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