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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Patients who present both physical and emotional problems. Patients with physical pain, discomfort, inability to perform a certain activity due to excessive weight or associated with a problem of self-image in relation to the presence of a large bust and pendulum.


You will have a comprehensive evaluation, it is important to know all the details of your health, your habits and equally important your expectations of the result.

Medical history

  1. Medical conditions, diseases, medications, previous surgeries, history of breast cancer in the family ..

  2. The consumption of tobacco, alcohol, supplements, diets or any treatment.

  3. Previous breast studies, mammography, ultrasound, tomography, etc.

The following will be done to you

  1. Evaluation and complete clinical exploration.

  2. Examine your bust and analyze the shape, position, skin quality, areola and nipple.

  3. Request preoperative studies necessary to ensure that your health condition is appropriate for the procedure.

  4. Take presurgical photographs.

With all the above, then the best treatment options will be discussed to offer you the best possible result regarding your needs and expectations.


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